GBS built an online enrollment platform that would streamline the enrollment process and make it more efficient for all groups sizes and no matter the method used for underwriting. 

The employer will be able to track online enrollment and send alerts to remind their employees to complete their information.

Once online enrollment is complete, this will become the system of record to make qualifying life event changes (marriage, new baby, etc) throughout the year. The employee will also be able to log in to the portal and view their claims, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and their ID card. While the employer can run reports based on plan selections and payroll deductions.

Personal Health Questionnaires (PHQs)

If the group completed PHQs through our online underwriting portal, all of the employee demographic information will feed into the enrollment portal. This means that the employee does not have to retype their demographic (Name, DOB, Address,etc). They can elect their plans and view how much their payroll deduction will be based on the number of pay periods each month.

Large Group Traditional

If the group was underwritten based on claims experience, we will need to upload the group and employee information into our online enrollment platform. To do that, we will need the group to complete a census based on a template that we have created.

Please contact us for more information regarding our online enrollment platform.